Welcome to Polly’s Page

Hello and welcome. I’m DJ Davis and Polly is my Great Dane. Or more accurately, I’m Polly’s person. I’m a writer and my favorite hobby is wildlife and landscape photography. Polly is my constant companion whether we’re out hiking and exploring the Colorado mountains or if it’s writing time.

Polly is a force of nature. She’s all personality and everyone’s buddy. She’s been my best friend since she was five weeks old. Hard to beleive she is now five years old.

We wanted a place to share our adventures, photos, and thoughts. Also a place for some book reviews and whatever else comes to mind—and there’s no telling what’s going to pop into a Great Dane’s mind (or a writer’s mind) at any given moment. If you’re familiar with Maraduke and Scooby-Doo , you know those creators must have had at least one Dane in their lives.

Polly at 5 week old and 5 years old. 

We hope you’ll kick back, relax, and join on us this new blogging adventure.


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